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Dopp Kit

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With the Beard Supply Dopp Kit, you’ll always be ready for adventure. Keep everything you need to maintain your beard in one rugged, trek-ready case. Toss it in your backpack, head to the Himalayas.

Kit includes the following products all in a workhorse Dopp bag handmade in the USA from 100% cotton Santa Fe washed olive canvas with cow hide leather handle and antique solid brass hardware + rivets. This double faced case is the perfect place to store and transport your beard care essentials. Wherever you’re headed, the Beard Supply Dopp Bag is perfect for dudes that live wild and travel hard.

Winter No. 1
Just as beards were made for winter, so Winter No. 1 was made for beards. With hints of tobacco, coffee, cedar wood, peppermint, and vanilla, Winter No. 1 brings the cool, crisp scent of winter right to your beard.

Original Beard Balm
Beard Supply Original Beard Balm is an all-natural, all-in-one balm that provides strong hold while it gives your beard the conditioning it needs to stay healthy and full — even in the most brutal environments.

Beard Soap
Beard Supply Beard Soap is made in Texas with the hard working, adventurous man in mind. Rugged and milk-based, these bars are subtly spicy with hints of fir, clove and Himalayan cedar wood.

Vanilla Buzz Mustache Wax
Made from beeswax, lanolin and vanilla-infused jojoba oil with a subtle hint of Himalayan Cedar Wood, this ‘stache wax is a pleasant but not overpowering presence beneath the nose.

Beard Shears
Made from 440c stainless steel, our Beard Supply Beard Scissors are built to last a lifetime or two. They’re perfectly balanced and ergonomically designed for comfortable, precision trimming. Unquestionably the best pair of beard scissors we’ve ever used.

Beard Comb
A simple, no-frills beard comb that will live happily in your pocket for years to come. Made from 100% recycled wilderness, the Beard Supply Beard Comb will glide through your beard with zero static build up (unlike plastic combs).

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