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Mustache Wax

Standard issue Mustache Wax to keep even the most wayward of whiskers in line.  Made with all natural beeswax, lanolin, and vanilla-infused jojoba oil with a subtle hint of Himalayan Cedar Wood, this ‘stache wax is a pleasant but not overpowering presence beneath the nose.

.5 oz.

  • Medium hold
  • Aroma: Vanilla and Himalayan Cedar Wood
  • Other thoughts: Waxastachie

Ingredients: Beeswax, lanolin, cocoa butter, jojoba oil and scented with pure essential oils.

DirectionsSlightly warm the wax (we like to place it in our pants pocket for a few minutes). Use the back of the thumbnail or tip of a comb to remove a small amount of wax. Warm between the fingers and then apply with fingertips to shape as required. Can also be used to tame unruly beard hairs.


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