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How to Choose the Right Beard Oil

January 20, 2015 2 min read 1 Comment

Your beard is like your baby, and you want what’s best for your baby don’t you? Picking a beard oil is about more than just what scent you’re after. Each oil has unique properties and weights that come in handy during different stages of beard growth. Some have vitamins to repair hair, some have vitamins to repair skin. Some are better for stubble and some are better for huge, righteous beards.

To help you decide, we’ve put together this brief guide:

Stubble Stage (Recommended Oils: Driftwood, Tree Line, Old Fashioned)

Has your five o’clock shadow become a full on facial eclipse? In this early stage you definitely want to lean toward a lighter beard oil, something with healing properties. A lot of men give up growing a beard from sheer discomfort. Using the right oil can keep this from happening to you. 

If you’re struggling with itchy, dry skin, Beard Supply’s Tree Line is the perfect oil to start with. Packed with vitamin E and K, Tree Line moisturizes, repairs, and will help you get past this tough early stage.

If dry, itchy skin isn’t too much of a problem, you might try Driftwood. It’s light and rich in vitamins (A, B, D, and E), proteins and fatty acids that repair damaged hair and sink deep into the skin to promote healthy beard growth.

Medium Stage — ½ inch to 1½ inch (Recommended Oils: All)

Once you’re past the stubble stage, and before you get to the full-on righteous beard stage, you are in what might be called “a sweet spot.” Pretty much any beard oil will work well for you. Just pick the scent that speaks to you the most.

Full Stage — 1½ inch to 3 inches (Recommended Oils: Deep Woods, Rain Forest, Winter No.1, '34 Vintage)

After the medium stage your beard may become self-aware — alive. It has grown past the shape of your face and become its own thing. In this stage, you’re going to want a heavier oil to weigh those hairs down, help them find their shape, keep them in line. Deep Woods, Rain Forest or Winter No.1 are all great options at this point as they contain weightier oils like Sweet Almond and Hemp Seed (which is especially good for your beard in the winter).

“Righteous beard, brother!” Stage (3 inches and onward) (Recommended Oils: Deep Woods, Rain Forest, Winter No.1)

As your beard moves from full to full-on righteous, you’ll want to continue using heavier oils but in higher quantities. As your beard grows, so will the amount of oil needed to keep it under control. Adjust as needed.

Two final notes: First, although Beard Supply beard oils do come in a variety of weights, they’ve all been purposefully mixed to avoid a heavy oil feel or residue. And second, remember, these are only our recommendations for finding your first bottle of beard oil. No matter what stage you're in, all of our beard oil blends will help keep your beard moisturized, healthy, maintained and controlled. In the end, your beard will benefit from the nourishment you've carefully hand picked.

We're here to make your beard the best beard it can be. Send all your grooming questions to

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Jason Taylor
Jason Taylor

March 05, 2016

I saw your booth today (the 5th) at the Irish Festival in Dallas and spoke with one of you. You guys showed that you truly believe in your company and did a great job explaining your product. You made me a costumer from that experience alone. Keep doing a good job and making a great product!

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